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FriendFinder ignored warnings, became next victim in the Cyberwar on Sex Industry

Back in July of 2015, Ashley Madison, a popular website dedicated to facilitating marital affairs, was hacked by a group called the Impact Team. The hackers demanded that Ashley Madison shut down ...

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An Inside Look At The Hacker Communities of the Dark Web

Most hackers actually don’t fit the common stereotype of a hoodie-attired, jobless loner glued to a computer screen for days on end in a quiet basement.

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Banks Respond Proactively to SWIFT Cyberheist

It’s been almost a month since the Bangladesh Bank hack was brought to global attention, causing finance professionals and consumers alike to raise concern for the SWIFT technology, that was ...

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Part 2: This Is a Cyber War. Your White Hat Won't Save You

Cyberattacks are no longer just the apocalyptic stuff a security expert’s nightmares are made of. They’ve become too prolific and damaging to ignore, and for most people they’re now part of a grim ...

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