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AI Based Threat Intelligence vs. AI Based Cybercrime

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the latest buzzwords surrounding general technology trends that have also made their way into cybersecurity.

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We Are in This Together: Every department can put an enterprise at risk

Protecting an enterprise’s digital assets requires more than the labor of the IT/IS teams - fighting cybercrime calls for a joint effort from each and every department. From the C-level suites, down ...

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Cybersecurity: What should we expect in 2017?

During an impromptu press conference on New Year's Eve, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump responded to a question about cybersecurity by stating that, "no computer is safe and if you have something ...

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The IoT Boomerang Effect

Over 6 Billion devices currently make up the ever-growing network known as the IoT. In fact, Gartner is predicting that by 2020, IoT devices will grow to over 26 billion, constituting an exponential ...

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Cyber Week in APAC – The region is taking the war on cybercrime seriously, very.

We participated in several events in Singapore and the Philippines last week, and saw firsthand a great curiosity about and commitment to brand protection at a time of rampant cyber-attacks. One ...

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From hackers with love. A look behind the scenes of cybercrime - Part 1

It’s not a crazy idea. Many organizations – including the U.S. Department of Defense, Google, Apple, General Motors and others – work directly with so-called white hat hackers. These outfits pay ...

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Cyber Security Challenge Round I: Steve Wozniak and Anonymous, You Win!

  This week, we've decided to reflect on the evolution of the cyber industry, and identify the game players who have, whether intentionally or not, allowed the (parallel) relams of cybersecurity and ...

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Should You Be Worrying About Election Fraud?

Election fraud is a growing crisis. The problem of organized crime has always been well-known; so too organized, and structured cybercrimes. But how about ones that affect real-world events and ...

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Quotables: Industry Insights on Cyber Intelligence

We’re taking a quick mini-break from our regular content to provide our readers with inspiration from other cybersecurity industry leaders. Buckets of interesting thoughts to share.

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Part 2: This Is a Cyber War. Your White Hat Won't Save You

Cyberattacks are no longer just the apocalyptic stuff a security expert’s nightmares are made of. They’ve become too prolific and damaging to ignore, and for most people they’re now part of a grim ...

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