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BAD JOB APT Fake Vacancy Campaign Targeting Saudi Arabian Petro-Chemical Industry

  Following the recent discovery of suspicious script files exposed on dynamic DNS (DDNS) hosts, presumably due to misconfiguration by the threat actor given that the ‘directory listing’ option was ...

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Wordpress Mass-Injections

Obfuscated JavaScript Chain  During a recent investigation using CyberInt’s Argos™ platform, a number of websites were identified as using the popular open-source WordPress content management system ...

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Cryptojacking - Making You Mine!

Cryptojacking Explained There’s a new danger to your computer, but one that doesn’t involve your PII, passwords, or credit card numbers. These attackers want something far more fundamental: your ...

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Cisco Smart Install (SMI)

Over the past forty-eight hours, since 5 April 2018, there have been numerous open source reports of wide spread cyberattacks targeting Cisco networking devices, specifically switches using the Cisco ...

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Threat Brief: Account Checkers And Credential Stuffing

  Cyberint has observed increased use and availability of ‘account checker’ tools that allow threat actors to bulk test credentials, typically obtained from data breaches or leaks, against a variety ...

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