This Year At RSA: Meet All Your Needs Beyond The Perimeter

This Year At RSA: Meet All Your Needs Beyond The Perimeter

It's that time of year again, RSA is upon us and the entire cybersecurity industry is rushing to the valley.

This year is especially unique for us; RSA is actually our live launching of our latest partnership with FireLayers. Our most recent partnership with FireLayers allows our specialty of ‘protection beyond the perimeter’ to extend its reach to include cloud application within our defense threshold.

Come visit us at the North Expo hall, booth #N4613 if you’d like to hear more about CyberInt and protecting your business beyond the perimeter.

A Time for Celebrations: Our New Whitepaperon Threat Intelligence [Released]

Build a Better Sandcastle: Hack-Proof Security with Cyber Intelligence

In a sentence:
How organizations of all sizes can protect themselves from the widespread spate of cybersecurity attacks.

In order to ensure a level of cybersecurity that won’t fall victim to any standard of cyber crime, every company must view themselves from the perspective of an attacker -- including the potential tools and methods available to each attacker.

Although each company is unique and has specific requirements for what their defense strategies need to include, CyberInt’s Argos Threat Intelligence Platform’s three key components of threat intelligence are applicable to any organization seeking to maintain the optimal level of cyber defense;

  • A comprehensive understanding of your organization

  • Intelligence indicator collection in real time

  • An accurate method for data analysis and correlation

Our whitepaper, Build a Better Sandcastle: Hack-Proof Security with Cyber Intelligence, explains the differences between threat intelligence and cyber intelligence, and how the ownership (or lack thereof) of each defence practice will enhance or damage each company.

Download our full whitepaper and visit us at our booth  #N4613 to learn more about our cyber intelligence that keeps companies cyber safe.

Later in the week, we’ll also be releasing yet another new whitepaper:  Social Media: a Growing Risk for Corporate Security